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Reproductive Autonomy: Social Egg Preservation


Today’s subject is a topic that, all fertility specialists caring for women, encounter on a regular basis.  Social Egg Preservation is a key component of assisted reproductive technologies – an increasing number of women are embracing careers and financial independencies and wish to know how to prevent unintended childlessness.


Dr Marikinti is a Fertility Specialist who meets such women seeking fertility preservation on an almost daily basis.  He observes that an increasing number of women, have already availed the technology to store their eggs and more and more women are intending to do so.


In this episode he explains the details of what Social Egg Preservation involves, the success rate of this new technology for the average female – as well as the main parameters and what they should be for success, along with cost considerations.





World Infertility Awareness 


Dubai Eye 103.8 | Thursday 9 June 2022




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