Abnormal Uterus/Womb

Abnormal Uterus/Womb

Ultrasound –Hysteroscopy-Histology of Healthy Uterus (womb and womb lining) 







Ultrasound is less reliable compared to Hysteroscopy in diagnosis of abnormal endometrium linked to Miscarriage OR Implantation Failure




3D Contrast Ultrasound to diagnose and treat abnormal endometrium (womb lining to prevent miscarriage/RIF





3 D Ultrasound views of Defective Structure of Womb/Uterus linked to Miscarriage/RIF




3D Scan Planning to perform Safest Simplest Shaver treatment for Removing polyps To Prevent Miscarriage



3D Ultrasound Womb Defects & 
Correction to reduce risks of Pregnancy loss





3D CONTRAST SCAN- helps avoid unnecessary operations for miscarriage care





3D Contrast Ultrasound helps in diagnosis and treatment of Womb Cavity Interior Defects to prevent Miscarriaage/RIF






Successful Pregnancy with GnRHa Spray, for Polypoidal endometrium linked to implantation failures, without repeat surgery or without IVF  







Successful Pregnancy with Monthly injections  for Polypoidal endometrium linked to implantation failures


IVF-ET X2 failures Pretreatment assessment HZ & non HZ endometrium



Successful Pregnancy with Pills, without surgery or without IVF  for Polypoidal endometrium linked to implantation failures





Simple 5 Minutes Procedure of Removing Uterine Scar to Prevent Miscarriage






  • Miscarriages
  • Abnormal Uterus/Womb
  • Abnormal Embryo Baby
  • Abnormal Connection of Baby & Womb
  • Abnormal General Health