Abnormal Embryo Baby


Visual display of All Four Categories Contributing Factors for Miscarriages or implantation failures. Includes the world’s most reputed Rosalind Franklin University Immune tests that could help prevent miscarriage or implantation failure of euploid embryos by helping generate immune modulation protocols.


The embryo can be considered as the SEED/SAPLING/PLANT/or GUEST

  1. Visual - Showing good grade Blastocyst (embryo):
  2. Genetic-NGS (next-generation sequencing), PGT-A testing for Ploidy of embryo
  3. Energy level-mitochondrial score (mitoscore reflecting energy reserves of the embryo



Normal Embryo day 5



Universal Pretreatment Evaluation Mid-cycle Scan-Natural Cycle or HRT cycle similar to FET preparation




Normal Embryo






  • Miscarriages
  • Abnormal Uterus/Womb
  • Abnormal Embryo Baby
  • Abnormal Connection of Baby & Womb
  • Abnormal General Health